Saturday, 5 May 2012

Virtual Danger

With our entire lives online it's always a worry if your PC if affected by a 'virus'. As a person a virus can knock us sideways and the same can be said for the laptop, ipad, iphone, personal computer or whatever latest gadget has been invented in the last five minutes!  Whatever do you do when disaster strikes? IT experts are everywhere but they're also in high demand... next time it happens to you just take the time out and enjoy the world through fresh eyes; you know the moment your technical life is back up and running you'll be glued to the screen again!
Seriously though, it can be a nightmare. Passwords to access the various platforms and online accounts can easily be forgotten, profile names confused and website addresses mysteriously vanish. What is the answer; we're advised not to list our passwords anywhere for security sake, but what happens when they're so secure that even you cannot remember them!
I'm afraid I don't have the answer - if you do please do share! In the meantime we'll stumble along as before I imagine.

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