Friday, 22 June 2012

'Bodies In The Bookshop' 14th July 2012

I'm delighted to have been accepted as one of the listed authors at the annual crime fiction event in Cambridge: 'Bodies In The Bookshop'. Pop along to Cambridge Union, 9a Bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UB from 10am onwards on Saturday 14th July2012 to meet me and many other crime writers. The event is run by Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge (Blackwells) every year. I've personally been to a previous event as a member of the public and can therefore recommend the event highly!

It's a must for every crime fiction fan!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

'Distant Shadows' - coming soon...

The second Inspector Allen mystery will be hitting the shelves this summer, approximately July/August....  'Distant Shadows' promises readers a mystery they'll never forget!

"One shot in the dark and everything changes.  When Richard Burkett shoots his victim in 1935, and gets away with it, he doesn’t expect to be caught over seventy years later.  The death of one man can affect so many lives…

Zoe Peterson is shocked to find two police detectives – one being the captivating DC James Clark –interviewing her grandparents about an unsolved murder.

Simultaneously Cathy and Stephen endure emotional turmoil in 1957.  The revelation of her father’s identity frightens Cathy.

Zoe is concerned about her father’s health and her ex won’t accept her ditching him; until James plants his size twelve’s firmly into her life.  Will finding the dying gunman and earning her grandparents’ gratitude be enough for James to win Zoe’s heart?

In 1957 someone is stalking Cathy, the shadows following her, the darkness choking her, until breaking point finds her in Stephen’s arms and the awful secret is revealed.  Wedded bliss could so easily be snatched away by terminal heartbreak.

A chance comment reminds James that the identity of the victim is more important than that of the murderer…"

Copyright: Jayne-Marie Barker

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Jayne-Marie Barker