Friday, 11 May 2012

Reading Between The Lines

It's not an easy job to proof read a document... this I know from experience. It can be easier to spot errors in a document written by somebody else, or even when you look at a prined page as opposed to a PC screen.  Checking your own words, now, that's another matter entirely.

Top tips:
  1. Read and read again - the first read through will never bring up everything.
  2. Underline - unless you're following specific proofing instructions then underline the word, phrase, spelling and write the amendments in the margin. It's much clear to spot then trying to write tiny letters above the text.
  3. Use a real dictionary - sounds obviousl but it's necessary. A dictionary will show you the correct spelling in the correct context and, most importantly, has been put together by people as opposed to the computerised brain your computer dictionary uses!
  4. Put aside and return later - once you think you've finished, put it aside and re-read it later on. Give yourself at least half an hour and then re-read.  You may just spot something you overlooked before.
  5. Most importantly - learn to read between the lines. Read what is there, not what you think is there.
Good luck!
Jayne-Marie Barker

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