Sunday, 20 October 2013

Through the looking glass...


Promoting your work is a bit like looking through the looking glass... the future.  You're not quite sure how things will turn out. Everything can look very distorted.

It's a strange thing to do when you're not used to it. If anyone knows the secret to it, I'd be grateful to learn!

When I was a small child we had a succession of family pets, as most families do. We had fish, rabbits, birds, a cat, but no, we didn't have a dog. On several occasions we came home from school to find mother had moved the fish or birds away from the cat's line of vision. When my first novel was published, I felt much like the cat peering through the fish bowl. What you see isn't quite the reality that you face.

After a while of stumbling about in the dark, it becomes easier. I promise! If you're new to promoting a product, whether it's a book, a new business, a friend's career, then believe me, it'll get better in time.

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