Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fitting it all in....

Do you ever feel as if you're running against the clock?

 I often find myself dashing from one task to the next and trying to cram the day with as much as possible... it's quite a challenge. Many of you are nodding along to this... yes, I know, it's a common feeling.
When I was a very young student I had four jobs and two separate study timetables, spread over a 30-mile radius. At the time I used my driving lessons as a means of getting myself from one point to another, as well as the train, the good old-fashioned bicycle and of course the daily sprint; dodging other people in the mad dash through the city centre.
I must have been mad... fit certainly, but when I look back at this crazy period in my life, I realise it is probably to thank for having taught me the skill of time management.  To this day, I think about the order I do things in. For example, switch on the washing machine first, then clean the house, and by the time the cleaning is done, the washing is probably ready to hang out.  A very simple example of course, and one which most people have probably adopted without having dashed across the lands to have learnt! However, if you take this principle and expand on it, you'll find you can fit a whole lot more into your day.
Having filled the days now to maximum capacity, I often find the only solution left is to get up ever earlier... but I must confess that I think I have now reached my limit, and increasingly find myself struggling to rise when the alarm clocks jolts me into wakefulness.  Perhaps it is time for another review of the situation... So long as you can keep going then do just that, and fill your life with as much as you can. It's my only method of keeping up with the demands of every day life whilst managing to 'have a life' at the same time. Does anyone else feel the same?
The only problem then left to fix is how to deal with being completely shattered at the end of it!

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