Sunday, 9 June 2013

Technology 1, Me 0... oh dear, not again!

I came across this picture online today and it made me laugh. This is exactly how I sometimes feel!

Wrestling with the methods, the internet sources and after three hours suddenly finding you're no further forward... Am I alone in this?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for advancement. I happen to like the possibilties we have today and I've tried in vain to get my feeble technical skills around them!

As an operator of Microsoft progammes and fully fledged diploma holding professional personal assistant, I have no trouble working the computer. I can manipulate the programes to suit, fomulate spreadsheets with complex data, handle databases, mail merges, format word processed documents with charts and graphs, write essays (and the occassiona novel!) type up important meeting minutes and answer a phone connected to the PC without a hint of trouble.

But... when it come to websites, blogs even, importing data into posts and linking various things to each other online, I find myself a long way behind the technical trail blazers. There are apps to link Goodreads to Facebook, Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to your website and now there are blogs too.... help me please. I just about fathom something but by the time I've managed that the world has announced a fabulous new invention... If anyone fancies setting up business instructing people how to operate an effective online profile, they'll be raking the pounds in, I'm sure.

Oh dear, let me struggle on. If there's anyone out there who knows how to magic these things up then I'd be grateful to hear from them, before I crumple yet another computer with frustration!!

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